Sunday, October 02, 2005

San Jose to Repair Smelly Sewage Line

Fri Sep 30, 7:39 AM ET
It's no longer going to smell like ammonia and rotten eggs on one suburban street.
The area's main sewage line — a handmade brick pipe — was installed in the late 1890s, before Teddy Roosevelt was president. It's been collecting sewage and stench ever since.
"Sometimes, it's just overwhelming," accountant Nikki Warner said of the intersection of Zanker and Trimble. "Sometimes you go outside and, ugh."
Residents soon will be able to breath easier with the recent installation of reinforced concrete pipes. Filters also have been installed to move air out of the sewers and disperse the odor.
Within a short time, the area will no longer be, as Warner calls it, "the most smelly street in San Jose."
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Having spent 4 years working in an office on this very corner I can confirm that it is in fact the smelliest corner in the Bay Area.

Several coffee shops, delis, and hot dog stands have tried and failed in this location.

I would like to nominate 2 other locations for consideration in this category:

  • The corner of Coronado and Florida streets in Hayward- A kid named Justin lived there when I was in 3rd grade and he’s a poopy head.
  • The corner of Catalina and Lakeside in Paulden. There’s something going on there at the quonset huts that just ain’t right. By the way- there isn't a lake at or near Lakeside and that in itself needs investigating.


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