Sunday, July 18, 2004


I've never been very organized, but recently I've been making a real effort to set and achieve goals. Making lists and sticking to them.  
Just today I finished everything on my "to do" list- At the end of the day, it provided me with an incredible sense of accomplishment- until I realized I forgot to put pants on. Then I had to revise my list.  
In the past few months, I have been working towards the biggest goal I've ever presented myself with- I am planning on purchasing a home.   Unfortunately, I don't think that this will be possible in the greater bay area, or maybe even in California.  
I have recently started looking out of state- Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma have become the front-runners.   
In my search, a surprising and welcome opportunity has presented itself- for less than the price of a lower end home in California, I could purchase a home and a business property elsewhere. 
This is opening my eyes to the fact that it may be possible to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams- to open my own restaurant.  
Nothing fancy, a small bar/grill place.  Somewhere to relax and get a good meal.  Somewhere where I could hold court behind the bar and tell my friends "your money is no good here"- well for the first couple of rounds anyway.
I'm no stranger to bars or restaurants, but only as customer and part time employee- but it's something I've always wanted to do. A dream that now is a goal.  
Even as a youngster, I had a feeling that this was something I would like to do- when we would go out as a family, I always liked to watch the staff at coffee shops, the waitresses, the cooks, all the hustle and bustle.  I thought it would be great to be the manager, walking around, asking the customers if everything was all right, do you need anything?  
Occasionally, we would go to a place that had a waiting area or lounge, where as kids we would get to see inside of a real life bar- that's when I was in heaven- a dimly lit room, people laughing, and I new that was for me.
I know the odds are against opening a place, but I've been extremely fortunate over the years of being able to really enjoy my professions- and one of the best was my years behind the bar.  One of my favorite hobbies is spending time behind the grill- I feel this is something I have to try-  
Until I reach it- this is my place.   Pop's Cafe- pull up a stool.


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