Saturday, October 15, 2005

more stuff from a shoe box...

Just some pix I ran across-

Not sure which way the building pic goes- it could be a vertical for all I know- the other is my old roomate/best man at my wedding Bruce and a friend of ours Ruben- that's my old '74 Dart before it caught fire.

Bruce and some guys at the house- Bruce loved the guitar- played at my wedding- in the background are 2 friends-Chris and Dave- got a funny story about Dave I'll have to post some day.

Chad and Desie from way, way, back- Sorry to say Chad is no longer with us- died a couple of years ago @ 18 I think- Desie is the daughter of an old friend I haven't seen in years- she's probably 21, 22 by now- she once hit me with a pack of cheeze- no reason, just flung it accross the table at me and laughed- her dad laughed so hard he bout wet his pants.


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