Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wet pants and other problems

Accused Nude Burglar Asks for Shorts
Tue Oct 4, 8:38 PM ET
A man accused of trying to burglarize a home while naked Tuesday stopped in mid-escape to ask the victim for a pair of shorts, a sheriff's spokeswoman said.
The victim threw the shorts to the accused burglar, who then fled, said Susan Quayle, a spokeswoman for the Yavapai County Sheriff's Department.
Nickos George Kopsaftis was later arrested next door, apparently while trying to steal a car, Quayle said. "He was wearing the shorts that were donated to him," she said.
Quayle said a man house-sitting for his father found Kopsaftis standing naked in an upstairs room holding two rifles belonging to the homeowner.
The victim told sheriff's deputies that he got the rifles away from the man, who ran away, but not before stopping outside to ask for clothes, Quayle said.
When deputies arrived, they found a pair of wet socks and a pair of wet pants with Kopsaftis' wallet and ID inside, Quayle said.
A banging sound from next door led deputies to a car which Kopsaftis appeared to be trying to hot-wire, she said.
Kopsaftis was booked into the county jail on two counts of burglary and two counts of attempted theft.
She said shed didn't know how Kopsaftis' pants got wet.

Cottonwood is about 45 minutes to an hour away. I’m confused about a few items here.

  • How do you wrestle a rifle away from a naked man?
  • After wrestling a rifle from a naked man, why would you then donate a pair of shorts?
  • Of all the issues involved here, the cop’s main concern is how his pants got wet?
  • What party was Kopsaftis coming from and why wasn’t I on the guest list?


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