Monday, December 03, 2012

1 for 3- good for baseball, not much else

Packing, unpacking, and procrastination.
I’m very good at one of these three, and for a batting average, that’s pretty good.
For trying to clean up clutter around the house? Not so hot.
There was a time in my life when I moved my residence six times in five years. In the course of those moves, I decided box up some stuff that I wanted, but really didn’t need close at hand- old books, photos, some old, outdated, but very sentimental camera gear.
I didn’t want to throw the stuff out, but didn’t really need close at hand.
That was in 1989.
Guess what I found last week?
Yep….and sadly, this was because I was unpacking from my last move…from June 2011.
A few months back, the city of Prescott opened up its time capsule, buried in 1962, and had some big to-do about it.
Looking over my personal time capsule, I don’t think anyone will be lining up to see my treasures, but for me it was a nice little trip down memory lane.
I now have a few Hot Wheels that my son will no doubt like playing with, and a few rusty pocket knives that he’s not quite ready for …yet.
What looks to be 300 yards or so of old 35 mm negatives.
Wish I had someway to look at them….oh, wait- a table top photo enlarger in box three.
The next box is what appears to be filled with old socks.
Further investigation? Several old lenses, wrapped up in old socks.
While I can’t really use the lenses for more than decoration, the socks have already been put to good use.
A mayonnaise jar filled with assorted screws, bolts, and washers. At one time, these must have been very important to me, but now, they fit nicely in their new home- the big trashcan next to the porch.
I found a photo album, carefully wrapped in a soft cloth, obviously something I didn’t want damaged.
The odd part? I don’t recognize a single person in any of the photos.
A small tin box filled with foreign coins-from places I’ve never been.
Also in the box? What look like poker chips, but are free drink chips- from places that unfortunately I have been to. I might hold on to these in case I’m ever back in Concord, CA and get thirsty.
A few hours into the project I discovered the most valuable thing I could ever find- time.
I decided to stop opening things and just chuck the whole mess, no doubt saving me several hours of the most valuable stuff on earth.


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