Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Crime and punishment

I'll admit I have had my problems in the past- I have at times enjoyed the baloney samiches of the county lunchroom, and like most involuntary guests, I felt that the punishment did not fit the crime.
I am happy to report that the judicial system is finally coming around. 
BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) -Mon Jul 19,10:13 AM ET
In an experimental public education campaign, motorcycle drivers who break the rules are being pulled over and asked to play hopscotch on a mat displaying traffic signs.

Medellin, Colombia's third-largest city, is notoriously violent and traffic-clogged. "Sicarios" -- infamous hitmen normally on the payroll of drug lords -- normally use motorcycles as escape vehicles after carrying an attack.
Imagine the possibilities:
DUI? - Jax for Jack Daniels. Pull up a chair and go for twosees
Armed Robbery? - Paper-rock-scissors-gun- Extended index finger beats everything
Rape? - Spin the bottle
Kidnapping: - Hide and seek and ransom.
Prison will now be called Camp Kumawneyewannarapya
Crafts day will include "How to make a shiv out of an empty cigarette pack",  "Pruno- the lost art of waste basket distillery" and don't forget "Your anus: what can it carry?"
Everyone looks forward to the movie night double feature "American Me" & "The Shawshank Redemption" along with two "Rocky the dope smuggling ferret" cartoons.
See ya there!


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