Friday, October 28, 2005

Stay tuned

OK- I've been slacking off recently, but I have a good reason- I know this will be a somewhat of a ramble- but it will be worth it- trust me-

I know a guy named Craig- he’s a good guy, pays his rent, doesn’t beat up on people, buys a drink now and then- all round good guy.

He sat with me at Lucy’s recently and told me his story. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I like a good story and I’m a sucker for a free drink.

Anyway, he sometimes reads my posts, and said the other day “what’s up- you haven’t written anything lately”

He checks Pop’s Place almost every day and I felt like I was letting him down- it’s not like I got a whole bunch of folks reading this stuff- I should take care of those few who actually know who I am.

I sat listening to Craig, telling me about his days in Vegas.

He has a fascinating story.

Spent time as a chef, a crook, a con- His story is a book all by itself.

I’ve been trying to formulate our conversation into a tale- a novel I guess, or at least a short story.

I sat listening, scribbling, writing in my notebook and ‘bout wet my pants laughing over his escapades- he had me rolling- some I can tell, other stories I can’t- at least until the statute of limitations runs out.

I will continue working on it and share pieces as he OK’s the release of the details.

I won’t attempt to spell it out in short form here- I can’t do it justice at this time- but I promise that as I work out the notes, I will post and you will be entertained-

As a sneak preview, I will tell you this- It starts in a casino, moves on to a gay bar, rolls into a cop car, ends up with a Mike Tyson wanna-be saying “you betta call yo mamma!”

What more could you wan’t?

So until further notice, the adventures of Craig are in the works-

Stay tuned….


Blogger Bill said...

Sounds like you could wright a TV show from it. Really looking forward to it.

10/28/2005 1:46 PM  

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