Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update and clarification for Bill

Update on my new profession- and I use that term loosely- I have had one day working at the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division- ADOTMVD as it is known hear in the wild west.

I spent the day taking pictures- hey, I could have stayed at my old job and done that.

While I hate going to the , what I used to call from my California life the DMV, I think I will actually like to go to work each day.

In CA I paid about 50 dollars a year to join AAA (no, not AA I think that’s free) for the sole purpose of avoiding the DMV- in CA I could do all my car registration work at AAA and avoid going into the DMV offices- now I get paid to say “Sorry, wrong form” and “your in the wrong line” and “I know you didn’t need a shave when you got here”.

Further update- the comment from Bill on my last post scared me a little- and my neighbors too if they knew how to read- what I do is write for a paper, not stalk children.

Although the only difference is that I have a little card around my neck that says “Press” and I don't pass out candy.


Blogger Ruben said...

Is it wrong that I found this post so funny?

7/06/2006 12:20 PM  

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