Saturday, November 05, 2005

More notes...

In re-reading my book ideas I ran across some notes that I can actually read.

One is from about eight years ago, to me it still sounds interesting. I may pick it up and work on it a little later. If anyone likes it please steal it and list me in the acknowledgments if it turns into a book.

Whenever I go to the library I mostly wander around and grab whatever catches my eye. Sometimes I find after several pages that the book seems a little familiar and later I realize that I’ve already read it.

In Hayward I was on friendly terms with one of the librarians and she showed me a little trick- after you read a book, on the inside back or front covers some readers put a little mark- initials or symbol that they will recognize that tells the reader ‘I’ve already read this one’. Never big enough to vandalize the book, just a small scribble. I thought this was a great idea and began the practice.

Over time, I noticed that many of the same books I read and enjoyed were also read by various other folks whose initials or symbols I began to recognize. I found myself looking in books and if I saw an initial I recognized, I would sort of use that as a book review. If they liked it, maybe I would too.

So here’s the plot. Granted it’s rough but I think it has potential- small town guy, avid reader, loves a good murder mystery. A series of murders (3, 4- ?) in his and surrounding towns begins to sound familiar and it occurs to him that the murders seem to be mimicking murders he’s read about in novels.

He goes to the library and starts at the A’s in the mystery section and finds a book he’s read. Very similar to the first crime. The B’s- another novel, mimics crime #2- this goes on through the first few letters of the alphabet and he notices the initials on the books include his and a few others on all the covers. The police have also followed this line of thought.

The letters in the alphabet may or may not work- instead maybe the books are a series from the same author being copied by the killer- I haven’t worked that out yet. So far this was just a few pieces of scratch paper I found in an old notebook.

But the idea of the main character being a suspect, and the only clues being these anonymous symbols, and him trying to find the killer before the cops- or possibly him bringing this idea to the cops- How about if it is a series of books being copied and he knows who the next victim is or how the next victim will be killed? The police thinking maybe he’s the killer, needing to telegraph his crime?

Tracking the check out records for the books would be too easy, and the killer could always read the books in the library instead of checking them out- many more details to figure out- maybe that’s why it’s still scratch paper.

Anyway, the thought of me and several other readers all enjoying the same books, the same authors- sort of like a book club where you never meet the other members struck me as an interesting concept.


Blogger Bill said...

That is an amazing idea! Really get to work on that quick. I smell best seller. And you already have the title! The Book Club. Its perfect!

11/06/2005 9:10 AM  
Blogger dbuc said...

i like your writing. i'll be back to catch the updates.

11/06/2005 12:24 PM  
Blogger Pops said...

dbuc- thanks for the feedback- I checked out your site , some great pix-

Bill- waiting for this weeks post- your sunday music has become a highlight of my sundays that and color comics in the paper.

11/06/2005 12:37 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Sorry about this week, its coming I swear

11/06/2005 7:52 PM  
Blogger dbuc said...

Yeah, I came back to reread your post. It's a great concept, I think. There are a couple of kinks, but they'll write themselves out, I'm sure. At least it's a unique idea, and interesting at that.

11/07/2005 8:18 PM  
Blogger Spider Girl said...

That sounds like a great plot. If you publish it, I want a copy. :)

I like your library-book system.

I used to work in a library and I put stacks and stacks of books aside that I wanted to read--never could get through all of them. Probably because I'd read my favourites more than once.

So many books, so little time.

11/13/2005 9:28 PM  
Blogger Tai said...

Hey Pops!
That sounds intriguing (don't mind my horrid spelling, I'm considering trademarking it!)

Much like Spider, most of my free time was/is spent in libraries, and the idea really interests me.

Do look into that...I think it has some really substantial weight to it.

11/23/2005 8:20 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Books have been made out of worse subject material. I really hope you develope this idea.

11/25/2005 11:49 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Where are you man?

12/19/2005 9:05 PM  

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