Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Crime and Punishment revisited

It appears as thought the "Get Soft On Crime" movement is dead before it learned to walk:

Tue Jul 20,12:08 PM ET
PRAGUE (Reuters) - A Czech police officer took a police campaign to cut traffic accidents a little too far when he shot at a pedestrian who crossed a road on a red light.

Although it could have been worse- had the officer in question been assigned to patrol the below mentioned street:

Tue Jul 20, 8:43 AM ET
BEAUMONT, Texas (Reuters) - A decade-long fight over a quiet country lane called "Jap Road" ended on Monday when local officials voted to change the racially charged name ...
The four-mile road has been around about 100 years and was said to be named in honor of Yoshio Mayumi and his family, who introduced the region to rice farming.

"man shot to death, karate chopped to pieces, then stir fried while jay walking on Jap Road this morning..."

This story caused me to consider what I can do to help out my Gilroy neighborhood. I would like to propose the following new street names:

Pedro Street: Named after one Jorge' Gomez, who, on this spot in 1986, stole a 67 Buick, but was later apprehended while entering the Home Depot parking lot in search of employment.

Portagee Place: Birth place of Herman Furtado, who gained regional fame during the harvest season of 1958 for consuming 493 apricots in one sitting. Furtado hopes to attend the dedication ceremony next week if his bowels stop moving in time.

3 Teeth Trailer Park and Motor Court: A D-Lux housing developement- Strict home owners association rules and dress code. The mullet and tank top undershirt requirement strictly enforced.

A decade long debate?

Go Texas!! and take Mississippi with you.


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