Monday, September 27, 2004

Bid Against Terrorism

The thrill of victory.

The rush of adrenalin that comes with winning a bid- I was bidding on an old telephone- an antique candlestick phone from Italy- I don’t know why, but that’s not the point- the point is that I won.

Take that Pollastrello. You sound like some foreigner anyway.

Probably some commie who would only use a phone for some rotten commie terrorist type activity.

I began my bid against terrorism around 0200 today (all actions in the War Against Terrorism should be documented in military time) and found that I was not alone in my bidding. Pollastrello- if that’s his real name- was also bidding.

I conducted some surveillance on El Pollastrello and found he has been busy in the bidding community. Very disturbing remarks were found in his profile, or Dossier as it’s known in the business- the War Against Terrorism business that is.

Check out these communiqués that I intercepted:

Veramente ottimo. Venditore molto serio e puntuale. Grazie- left by pieroerosapren

cortese- puntuale- CONSIGLIATISSIMO! CONSIGLIATISSIMO! Perfetto- left by jerrycia95*

Disponibile e simpatico!! CONSIGLIATISSIMO!!- left by crevalcore01

And check out this one – from Hong Kong-identifying some secret "tracking number" or as we say On The Job a "secret code number used for evil commie activity"

the tracking number is RR833137706HK, Check once more.- left by tradeexpanding

I don't know what kind of sicko he is, but rest assured, El Pollastrello is up to no good. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he has a beard and belongs to some cell somewhere- like Fresno maybe. That's a hotbed for those types.

As the deadline approached, I managed to refresh my page and ultimately win my Bid Against Terrorism.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

Semper Buy


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