Monday, September 06, 2004

Jesus- Where Are You?

Why have you forsaken me?

I can’t find Jesus. I looked at the Caravan. Checked the bus station. Stopped by the fountains down town. No Jesus.

Jesus is missing.

Recently I talked to Jesus and he helped me put my problems and priorities in order.

I had a really good week. I felt better about myself and my life- where it is going and what I have accomplished, and I wanted to thank Jesus for all he had done.

I wanted to thank Jesus for his help.

But Jesus is missing.

I asked around and word on the streets is Jesus got arrested.

Treason? Heresy? Blasphemy?

No, Chookie said it was shoplifting and could I spare a buck for old time sake. Here’s a buck, now surely Jesus would only steal for a good cause- to feed the poor? To protest societies obsession with commercialism and greed?

No- he said it was for a bag of Funions at the 7-11 on E. Santa Clara and could I have another buck for later.

Chookie is scary so I gave him another buck and said I have to go.

So, if anyone sees Jesus, tell him thanks for me.

And he owes me 2 dollars.


Blogger Ryan said...

Gilroy...ouch....I used to stop there for gas and carl's jr on my way up the five...

9/06/2004 5:25 AM  

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