Wednesday, July 21, 2004

People Person

I Like to think of myself as a people person- I like to sit and watch or talk to folks- bars are a good place for this.  Not always funny, not always sad, but more often than not, interesting.

I met a woman the other day, an attractive girl of about 24 or 25.  She told me a  story about her boyfriend- live in relationship guy.

He's quite a bit older than her- late 40's I think- He was married once before.  Here's where the interesting comes in- he's no longer married because he murdered his wife- by accident.

It turns out after an argument, he became depressed and attempted suicide.
With a shotgun. 
And missed. 
And hit his wife. 

She knew this before they hooked up and yet, the relationship has worked out nicely. 

See, I don't think he'll try anything with her.  She got mad at him a few months ago.  And stabbed him with a screw driver.  I think it was a flat head.



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