Sunday, July 25, 2004

house hunt

My search for a home continues- I met a guy the other day who happens to be a real estate agent in the San Jose area- good guy, interesting to talk to.  We talked about homes, the cost of, the best way to purchase, things like that. 

He asked me where I was looking and why. I proceeded to share my dream of home and business ownership, the idea of Pop's Cafe and what I would like to accomplish.  Al, short for Albazhulahkhalisomethingorother liked the idea.  He too, it seems, is interested in starting his own business- he currently owns a few houses as rentals, but in the big picture, he sees himself  owning  either apartment complexes or commercial property to rent out and, here's where we bonded- to start his own restaurant.

He has an interesting concept and since I'm the only one reading this, I'm confident that I'm not giving away any secrets:  Fast food Indian restaurant called "Curry in a Hurry"  featuring Tandori on a stick, nan bread, things like that- With the middle eastern population growth in CA and the diverse food tastes in the bay area, I think he's got a winner.

Alkohalibxsjiashooke has a theory:  with the growing population of middle easterners in the bay area over the past 15 or so years, he feels as though the way to nail down the coming real estate trends, the next big market, is to follow the migration of this culture.  20 years ago, influx to the bay area- property costs skyrocket.  15 years ago- south bay boom resulting in rising population of middle eastern immigrant high-tech engineers- south bay real estate boom.

Alshobqaxkighkhan convinced me- in order to really maximize my purchasing power, get the most for my money, I need to concentrate on areas that have a strong middle eastern population.

I have narrowed the search to the following locations:
Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India- great area for garlic and ginger- I hear that on the southwest corner of Pupta Lane and Gandhi Way there's an old Bhab's Bhigh Boy for sale-
Karkuk (Kirkuk), Iraq- This one worries me a little- in that if the folks that live there can't decide how to spell the place, how will they ever decide between a hamburger or a cheese burger.  But the rents cheap and the helmets are free.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates- I've heard wild stories of the night life here. They have a TGIFriday's that goes crazy during spring break.   I think this may be the one.  Besides, wouldn't it be great when someone asks where you live to say "Abu Dhabi" really fast?  Try it- 3 times really fast- AbuDhabiAbuDhabiAbuDhabi I can see it now-  Pop's AbuDhabi Cafe- your drakma's no good here!


Blogger wonderbread74 said...

Hilarious. You had me going one way and then the other. Genius. Also, this sounds like a terrorist. He knows too much about our land. Be careful.

7/27/2004 10:35 AM  
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